Mask in The Mirror

“I’m staring at the Mask in the Mirror; I’m asking it to change its ways…”

Yes, my own take on Michael Jackson’s hit, but today I think I’ve taken a bit of a hit myself. Let me explain: I was very upset at some “friends” who I called days ago with a very important message, asking them to get back to me–and they didn’t. Now I know in every situation there may be extenuating circumstances we might not be aware of, so I tried to allow for that. Maybe their phones got chewed up by the same dog, thrown into the toilet by the baby, or all 3 of my messages just never made it through–you know, ‘technical difficulties’. So, today I make another attempt at contacting them and SURPRISE! They did get my urgent pleas, but for some reason…

So just as I prepare to get on my self-righteous soapbox and call one of my REAL friends to complain, I see 15 ‘missed’ calls from a friend who has been trying to unsuccessfully reach me for about two weeks. I swear, I wasn’t avoiding her…reallly. I just happened to be ‘unavailabale’ every single time she called and couldn’t find the time to actually get back to her, because…
I had a song to sing.

“I’m staring at the Mask in The Mirror…”