Summer Lovin’ Happened So Fast!


As today marks the observed end of summer season (sniff), I thought I’d post some memories of these past few months in pictures.  As the coordinator of a youth program for girls, most of my summer was spent with them. The rest, recuperating from spending time with them. 🙂 

All in all, there were special moments and memories created that I hope they will cherish as much as I will.


 Our Trip to the Museum of Science’s Butterfly Garden



 ‘Swimmin Wit Da Fishes’ at Walden Pond



Near The Summit of Mt. Washington


For arts & crafts, we decorated cake pops.  Boy, was that some      SWEET LOVE!

Last, but definitely not least–the girls were asked to draw a picture of  what serving others means to them.  From the mouth of babes!






Being a natural alchemist, I am constantly driven to find various items to create something new. I gather plants, flowers and sticks to make medecines, teas, oils and ointments. I especially like to look for unique things in obscure places, and find myself wandering through back streets and hidden alleys in anticipation of the moment something suddenly goes ‘aha!’. However, despite this ‘magical’ process, I do not always produce an instant masterpiece, and have made many a mess trying to create something that appeared to seamlessly connect in my head. Sometimes I start out making one thing and end up with something totally different, but much better than I ever could’ve planned it. Well, I have come to see life that way too. In spite of our best efforts and ‘mojo’, we are never quite sure exactly what we’ll get. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it just looks like a mess. However, what I am learning to do is find my joy in the process of discovery, because when we keep trying and don’t give up sometimes we often find that our greatest achievements come out of the most unexpected and messy places.