Summer Lovin’ Happened So Fast!


As today marks the observed end of summer season (sniff), I thought I’d post some memories of these past few months in pictures.  As the coordinator of a youth program for girls, most of my summer was spent with them. The rest, recuperating from spending time with them. 🙂 

All in all, there were special moments and memories created that I hope they will cherish as much as I will.


 Our Trip to the Museum of Science’s Butterfly Garden



 ‘Swimmin Wit Da Fishes’ at Walden Pond



Near The Summit of Mt. Washington


For arts & crafts, we decorated cake pops.  Boy, was that some      SWEET LOVE!

Last, but definitely not least–the girls were asked to draw a picture of  what serving others means to them.  From the mouth of babes!





My Very Own FRESHLY PRESSED (But I’ll just call it “WELL EXPRESSED” to avoid any infringement issues. Smile.

Oh, so many stories, so little space–who’s to be heard?  I do sympathize with the very capable but overburdened WordPress staff with having to be the voice bearer of the entire world (or at least WordPress World), so I’ve decided to do my part and take a few little viewed posts and launch them into further obscurity.  The up side is that they will at least potentially have another two likes from my own followers.  Sorry, but you flashy, savvy, well connected writers with 100 daily likes and 300 followers unfortunately do not qualify for my elite list of unsung voices.  Yes, go and cry silently in a corner. 

Seriously though, having the time and for now, computer access, I’ve been browsing through many stories and I must say that there are so many that just reached out and grabbed me all for different reasons.  Mind you this is subjective to my own narrow scope of mind and interest, but nevertheless I felt more than pressing the LIKE button was in order here.

Therefore (drumroll, please), I present to you the first installment of Realeyeis’ Soapie List:

So, there you have it!  Whew, this IS a lot of work.  Hats off to you Word Press Staff, I have a new found respect for you (and probably Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, too).